La Volcane

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A few words from the organizer

The first edition of « LA VOLCANE » took its first steps in June 2019 and we would like to thank the numerous participants, volunteers and our sponsors who, together with the sunshine, made this beautiful event a success.

On the strength of this experience, the organising team went back to work to further improve the welcome for participants.

For 2022, the routes that criss-cross our beautiful roads have been slightly modified so that all the participants will have a great time!

On the programme:

⇒ 2 cyclosportive courses of 92 km (La Volvic) and 155 km (La Volcane)

⇒ 2 cycle ride of 63 km (La Dôme) and 92 km (La Volvic)

The 220 members of the Cournon cyclos are ready to pamper you for the next edition, and they are waiting for you.

In case of cancellation for health reasons or serious events, we will refund your commitment. Registration will start at the beginning of 2022!

How do I register?

To register, click HERE