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If you do not access to all your race results:
first check your Otakam registration details, which must match those that appear in your results: last name, first name and date of birth. If you have registered with wrong details, please send us a request for modification to the following address:
If your Otakam registration details are correct, they may be incorrect in the results of a race. Go to the « Manage my results » page and send us the information on your missing results (race, date, ranking).
– You may also have homonyms, which makes it more difficult to assign certain results. Go to the « Manage my results » page. You will be able to assign some results to yourself or send us a request to assign others.

Otakam rankings are based on the OTK Perf indicators (see Question/Answer on the calculation of the OTK index).
The OTK ranking is based on cyclosportives whereas the e-OTK ranking only takes into account virtual events on trainers.
The OTK rankings exist per year from 2015 and over the last 36 months. The current year’s ranking changes each time new race results are taken into account.
Sub-classifications by type of event are also proposed:
Moutain : D+/D higher than 20 (total ascent of more than 2000m for a distance of 100km)
Hilly : D+/D included in 10 and 20 (total ascent between 1000m and 2000m for a distance of 100km)
Flat: D+/D less than 10 (total ascent of less than 1000m for a distance of 100km)

Otakam offers three performance indicators, OTK Perf, e-OTK Index and OTK Index :

– Completely new, OTK Perf is representative of the performance achieved on a cyclosportive race or a virtual race on a trainer, regardless of distance, total ascent, level of participants, weather or race conditions. OTK Perf starts at 1 for the best cyclists and is not capped.

– Your OTK Index represents your cyclosport level taking into account your best OTK Perf achieved on cyclosportives. OTK Index starts at 1 for the best cyclists and is not capped. Only the best two thirds OTK Perf are taken into account, so that you won’t be penalized by a counter-performance, a puncture, a fall, or if you have done a race with friends or family members. A weighting factor takes into account the number of participants and the date of the events.

– Your e-OTK Index is calculated in the same way, but only takes into account the OTK Perf on virtual races on trainers.

The OTK and e-OTK Index are used to compile real and virtual OTK Rankings over a given period of time, calendar year or 36 months (see Question/Answer on OTK Rankings). These are the first global cyclosport rankings.

Your generation rank is your position (in percentage) within your « generation », i.e. the cyclists born the same year as you, one year before or one year after. With age, it is (unfortunately!) normal that your Otakam Index increases over the years (the lower the better). Fortunately, your generation rank can go up or down depending on your training, since it only takes into account people who are your age or close to it. For example, if you are among the top 13.1% of your generation, 13.1% of your generation’s cyclists have a better Otakam Index than yours.

Otakam badges and trophies are awarded according to your participation in the cyclosportive races:
Country and Region of the races
Main passes crossed
Number of raced during the year (> 1, 3, 5 or 10)
Cumulative km in the year (> 200, 500 or 1000)
Elevation ascent made in the year (D+> 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000m)
Types of races (mountain, hilly or plain)
Outstanding races (D>160km or D+>3000m)

Otakam Trophies are awarded based on your OTK performance:
Performance improvement (compared to the last 2 races)
Best performance ever
Best performance in the year
Platinum, gold, silver, bronze or finisher medals
The criteria for awarding medals depends on your year of birth and gender. For a given year of birth, the distribution will be approximately :
Platinum: best 10%.
Gold: best 25%.
Silver: best 50%.
Bronze: best 75%.
Finishers: 100%

What are the Otakam platoons?

Otakam offers two pelotons:
– The peloton of your Friends, i.e. the members with whom you are connected to Otakam via the « My Friends » menu.
– The Peloton of your Challengers, i.e. the cyclists who have an Index similar to yours and who take part in more or less the same races as you.
The Pelotons are displayed on all the performance pages of a race or the Otakam rankings.
The Peloton of Friends is accessible to all Otakam members while the Peloton of Challengers is only displayed for Premium members.

What are the Otakam platoons?

Premium members have access to the following features:
– Access to the Statistics Page with a radar graph that allows to compare the performances of two Otakam members or your own performances over two different years, and to display your « Generation Rank » by year and at national or global level.
Complete display of all the results sheets of the events, instead of only the last one.
Detail of all Badges and Trophies, for all events, by year and all times.
– Display of the peloton of your challengers (peloton of 15 cyclists with an OTK Index similar to yours and participating mainly in the same races).
Filters by age in the rankings.
– On the events pages, the possibility to compare two participants.
Premium Members will also have free access to the beta-tests of the future Otakam applications we are working on.

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